Thanks to advocacy from you and thousands of other Californians, the state budget includes support for transit - but not enough to prevent Bay Area cuts. 

The California state budget recently signed by Governor Newsom takes important steps to avert a fiscal cliff for public transit. It provides $1.1 billion in funding that can be used for transit service, of which the Bay Area is expected to receive some $400 million. The budget also allows agencies to make $4 billion in transit and intercity rail capital funding (TIRCP) available to address operational needs. However, using TIRCP funds would risk losing up to $6 billion in matching federal funds – and cannibalizing infrastructure projects.

This budget represents a meaningful step to addressing the shortfall and will help avoid catastrophic service cuts for up to two years — it’s a significant commitment in a very difficult budget year. 

New legislation to fill the Bay Area gap and prevent cuts

However, as the Bay Area was previously more dependent on fare revenue than the rest of the state, the Governor's budget does not address the full need for transit to prevent drastic cuts in the Bay Area and improve service to regrow ridership.  On Friday, Senator Wiener introduced SB 532, The Bay Area Safe, Clean & Reliable Public Transportation Emergency Act as a key step to filling the gap. If passed, this bill would require the Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) to raise bridge tolls by $1.50 (adjusted for inflation) for a 5-year duration on all state-owned bridges in the region, except the Golden Gate Bridge (which has its own bridge toll district).

This is an emergency and temporary increase expected to raise $600-650 million over 5 years. It’s specifically intended to avoid service cuts; reconfigure transit services to better meet underserved passengers; and improve safety, cleanliness, and customer experience. If passed, this would be the first funding measure dedicated solely to transit operations in the region.

SB532 would provide a "bridge" while the region is planning a regional ballot measure for 2026 to put Bay Area transit service on stable footing.

For more information, see this blog post from TransForm.

Highest Priority Actions
Call the Governor and Legislative Leaders - thanks and next steps!

Tell other transit riders - flyer on transit

Print Flyers to hand out at Bus Stops/Train Stations
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Transit ridership continues to recover and grow. However, ridership is growing back only gradually while federal COVID relief funds that kept transit running during the pandemic are about to run out. Transit faces a fiscal cliff.  Without state funding to bridge the gap, massive service cuts will happen.

Your state legislators need to hear from you today to #SaveTransit!

Without funding, transit will go over the fiscal cliff

Transit agencies have calculated that extreme service cuts will be needed if no funding is provided.  These may include:

No weekend service

Station closures

 Fare increases

Fewer trips

Discontinued lines

California's success and future depend on transit

Provides access to jobs and education

Reduces traffic and air pollution

Supports businesses of all sizes and types

Keeps friends, families, and communities connected

Vital to recovery of tourism, nightlife, sports, & entertainment

Reduces reliance on energy imports

Take action now

"Now that work, school, public meetings, and other events have returned to in-person, my community relies on transit to get to where they need to go.  Please provide funding in the state budget so that transit can avoid painful cuts that will be difficult to recover from."

Statewide Events

Senate Hearing TBD

Past Events

June 4th - 'Funeral for Public Transit' Rally in Oakland & SF

May 25 - Senate Budget Subcommittee 2,  dealing with Cap and Trade funding

May 25 - Assembly Budget Committee

May 23 - Senate Budget Subcommittee 5

May 17/18 - Senate Subcommittee 5 on Corrections, Public Safety, Judiciary, Labor, and Transportation

May 17/18 - Assembly Subcommittee 3 on Climate Crisis, Resources, Energy, and Transportation

May 16 - Senate Select Committee on Bay Area Public Transit

May 16 - Senate Subcommittee 2 on Resources, Environmental Protection, and Energy

May 12, 2023 - Phil Ting Budget Town Hall

May 10, 2023 - Assembly Budget Subcommittee 3

April 27, 2023 - Senate Budget Subcommittee 5

March 28, 2023 -  Thrive Alliance Environment & Sustainability Thrive Action Group (TAG) - How Do We Get There? Accessible and Affordable Public Transportation for All

February 21, 2023 - Voices for Public Transportation Mardi Gras Rally

April 11, 2023 - Zoom - San Diego 350

April 13 , 2023 - Zoom - Survive & Thrive Webinar

April 13 , 2023 - Zoom - San Francisco Democratic Socialists of America

April 16, 2023 - 4pm by Zoom - Sunflower Alliance

April 20, 2023 - In Person - Sustainable Silicon Valley

April 22, 2023 - Love Our Earth Festival - Menlo Park

April 23, 2023 - Flyering with East Bay Transit Riders Union

April 26, 2023 - Zoom - Silicon Valley Bike Coalition / Youth Leadership Coalition San Mateo County

April 30, 2023 - In Person - San Francisco - Dolores Park Picnic at Noon

Tools for Community Leaders

East Bay Transit Riders Union
Seamless Bay Area
Transbay Coalition

Support Letters

4-25-23 - California Transit Association - Detailed Budget Request Letter
4-25-23 Senator Wiener Transit Funding Request.pdf
MTC Budget Letter May 2023.pdf
Transit Funding Support (Motoyama).pdf